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Top 15 Best Abs Workout For 6 Packs

Hello Friends, Today I Will Start Writing Article On 6 Pack Abs Workout. Nowadays Everyone Want To Look Attractive and Beautiful and Girls Want To Look Gorgeous. And for Men’s if they want to look Attractive Than They Should Have Fit Body, Muscles, and 6 pack abs. Today’s Article is about How To Make 6 Packs Abs At Home and Without Gym? You Can’t Make 6 Packs At Home Becuase You Don’t Have Machines of Body Building, And rather You Want to make 6 pack abs Then You Should Know Some Abs Workout For Body Building, Some Diet Plans and Some Other Things. So Now We Can Start.

Abs workout

The Best Abs Workout:

  • Repeat These Routines Every and 3 Times in a Day.
  • Reverse Crunch 2 Set ( Each set carry 6 Reps)
  • Extended Plank (50 Seconds)
  • The Long Arm Crunch 2 Set ( Each set carry 6 Reps)
  • The Jackknife 2 Set ( Each set carry 6 Reps)
  • Janda SitUp ( Each set carry 6 Reps)

    How To Do Reverse Crunch:

Starting Position:

Lie Down on The Ground With Your Legs and Do it straight out in Front. Curve Your knees and Raise Up Your Feet. Raise Up Your Feet To Your Face and then raise to the sky. Breath out and get Back To Your Starting Position. Repeat This Abs Workout For 12 Times Means 2 Sets.

How To Do long-arm crunch:

Starting Position: Lie on On Ground with Your Backside And Bent Your knees With 60-Degree angle between your calves and hamstrings. Place Your Feet Flat in the Ground And Strech Your Arms Overhead. This is Your Starting Position.

How To Do: Crunch Your Upper Body Part Forward, Still Place Your Hands With Your Ears. Get Back To Your Started Position And Repeat This Position For 12 Times. Then Your Overhead Crunch Will Done.
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How To Do Janda Situp:

Spot Your Body on The Ground in The Sit up Position. Bent Your knees in about 86-90 Degree and cross your arms over the Chest. After That, Try To Work With Your Heels And Repeat This Position For Abs.

How To Do Jackknife:

Starting Position: Lie Flat on The Exercise Mat if you have or in the ground, On Your Backside and Straight back with your head and legs. This is Your Starting Position. The Legs Should be Raised Up to 40-50 Degree. Make the 2 Sets of Jackknife Each Set Contain 6 Reps.

How To Do Extended Plank:

Extended Plank

  1. Begins on All Four ( Your Hand And Feets)
  2. Push Back To Childish Post
  3. Hinge Forward To Plank Pose
  4. Drop Down With Your Hands
  5. Then Return To Your Childish Pose
  6. This is the Process To Do Extended Plank.
  7. Make 2 Sets mean’s 12 Reps of This Exercise.

Abs Workout To Make 6 Packs

  • Verticle Chair Knee Raise
  • Bicycle Crunch
  • Plank
  • Side Plank
  • Cable Crunches
  • Hanging Knee Raises
  • Seated Leg Tucks
  • Exercise Ball Pullin
  • Ab Crunch Machine
  • Leg Raises

Weight Lose For Abs Workout

The main thing I am describing in last. that first of all you have to lose weight. otherwise, it will become hard and hard to make 6 abs. and if your weight will normal then it is easy to make abs and to do abs workout. so you have to lose weight first. Check Our Article About How To start Losing Weight In a week and try lose weight with our doctor’s tips. then start working on abs 🙂 .

Final Words

Nowadays In Every Small And Big City and town there a Lot of Gyms and Best Trainers. Try To Join The Trainer and If You Don’t want to join then Try to Follow Our Website. We Can Fully Try To Give You Full Course Including Abs Workout and Other Muscles For Fit Body.

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