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The Intermediate Guide to Diabetes, Types, Treatment

Today We Are Going To Talk Onn Very Important Disease. I mean it is very common disease and the most harmful which is Diabetes. We Discuss Some Types of this Disease and most Common Types. And How To Get Rid of It? Means it’s Treatment. So Now We Should Start From From 1st Heading.



What is Diabetes

What is Definition of Diabetes? It is Very Harmful Disease. Basically it a Disease In Which Blood Sugar or Blood Glucose Level Become Very High. The Glucose Come From Things/Food You Eat. Insulin is Harmonies/thymosin Which Helps To Glucose Get Into Cells and Gives Them Energy. Sometimes Your Body Don’t Make Much Insulin or they Don’t Use Insulin. Too Much Glucose in Your Body is May Be Cause of Health Problems. So You Have To Take Steps if you Have This Dangerous Disease. You Have To Do Everything Step By Step While Having Disease.

Sometimes Peoples Call “Borderline Diabetes” or ” A Touch Of Sugar”. We Can Say That it Can Suggest Doesn’t Have a Diabetes or Not a Serious Case. But Keep in Mind Every Little Case of That Disease is A Serious Case.

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Types Of Diabetes

So how many different types of diabetes are there? Most We Can Find 2 Types of Diabetes Which Are Found Mostly. That is Type I and Second One is Type 2.

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Type I Diabetes

Type I: Doesn’t Make Much Insulin as we Need. Our Immune System Attacks All Over Body And Destroys All Over Cells In Pancrease Which Made Insulin. Type I Disease is Mostly Found in Children’s And Young Generation Like Adults or Teens. And it is Also Appear at any age like 10, 15, 20, 35, 40 etc. Peoples With Type I Diabetes Have To Make Insulin Every Day and Day by Day. It is Very Important For Them To Live.

Type I Disease is Always Treated With Insulin. Meal Planning Also Helps With Good Blood Sugar.

Type 2 Diabetes

If you Are in Type 2 Disease it means Your Body Not Using Insulin Very Well or not made it. One Thing Is That Type 2 Disease occurs At Any Age, Even In Childhood, Teens, or in old age. This Type Occurs at Any Age mostly in Middle Age and old peoples. And Type 2 is most Common Type it also Found Greater than Type I.

Diabetes Type 3

It is the Third Type and Always Occurs in Pregnancy and it is temporary. It Affects 2 to 4% of All Pregnancies and Involves Increasing Risk of Developing Diabetes For Both Child and Mother.

Signs of Diabetes

  • Excessive thirst.
  • Feeling Hunger.
  • Blurry vision.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Feeling irritable.

    Above Signs Are The Most Common Signs of Type I and Type 2.

Get Test By Physician

Your Primary Care Start From Physician. He Takes 2 Test of You to check blood Glucose. A Fast Blood Test and Sometimes Urine Test is also Perform To Check Diabetes. Normal Blood Glucose level is 70 to 100. If You Blood Glucose is higher than or Equal to 126 then You Are Consider as Diabetic.

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