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Top 5 Reason for not losing weight

Not losing weight


After a huge research, I am able to discuss Why You are “Not Losing Weight” Even when you’re eating well and exercise daily but not losing weight but I am sorry to tell you only eat often and workout daily actually not effects on losing weight. I know 70% it effects for losing weight but we have to do something more for losing weight. In case you just honestly devour frequently and doing exercising, they can be it’ll take time to losing weight. So I am going to share some important things about why are you not losing Weight.

Wrong Foods: 

Wrong Food is also the main cause of not losing weight. if you are not losing weight then the first thing you have to look kitchen and on your diet that is you eating right food Or incorrect meals.Does your diet comprise meals that burn Calorie? 80% diet working on losing weight if you can’t control your diet then it is impossible to lose weight.
Eat Potatoes and rice on the days when you are working and doing exercise. and when you are resting eat low cardio food like fast food, because it is the reason for increasing weight.

Eating too Much

Above Image Show’s all. He is eating fast food which is a major cause of increasing weight day by day. Eat Fast Food But not on a daily routine, and food’s type doesn’t depend, Food Amount Depends upon Weight.

Eating Too Much

As you know that diet is a major factor in losing weight. eating too much and without time mean’s between lunch and dinner you eat something like fast food, burger, Pizza etc. it is also caused by not losing weight. You need to manage your food regimen for losing weight. Do not consume an excessive amount of food. Note You have to burn calorie more than you consume.

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Always Eat slowly and eat whenever you are hungry much or too much. being hungry will be the reason for losing weight. Devour healthy snack so that it will preserve you from overeating. and don’t drink water after drinking water. you have to take 30-70 minutes break after eating lunch or dinner after 30-40 minutes you will drink water.Will drink water. And stroll as a minimum 15-20 daily.

Not Lifting Weight

Cardio is the main factor of losing weight after diet plan. if you have stamina then do cardio at least an hour. Walking is the main factor of losing weight after dinner. You have to lift weight at the gym or at home for Dropping weight. However, in case you can’t raise weight then you may never lose weight. Add a few extra Cardio at your gym, it’s miles one of the nice ways to lose weight and build some muscles.

Cardio is not so easy, but it is impossible. just daily give 15-20 minutes daily and then increase Time daily. Do squats, push-ups, and for losing weight. Try to go the gym, it is the best option.

Not Working Hard

There is no perfect equation for eating healthy. find some exercise which works perfect for you to losing weight. Try To Spend more time to your gym, do weight loss exercises. Work at least hour a day it is the average time for a bodybuilder person.
Keep in mind that the more you work hard, the shorter you have to workout. That is why you have to spend maximize time at your gym.

Too Much Cardio (Causes of Not Losing Weight)

Cardio is the necessary part of your mission ( losing weight). it also boosts your metabolism. The thing is that if you are only doing cardio or you’re doing too much cardio can actually make a mistake or problem for peoples which are losing weight. Balance your diet and cardio otherwise, it is a big mistake which you are doing.

Final Words

Above Things are the main reason for not losing weight. try to avoid these things by losing weight fast. if you have any Question just comment. Thank you

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